I'm Anton, professional mixing &
mastering engineer.

Music is my passion all life long.
I produce, mix and master music every day.

When it comes to mixing and mastering, I'm a true professionalist, I don't stop until it sounds absolutely great.
A solid mix is incredibly important if you are serious about your music.

A great mix makes every sound a better version of itself, puts it in a perfect place in your song and makes everything sound beautiful as a whole.
A solid master separates the professionals from the amateurs.

A great master, allows your music to have the desired impact on a wide array of listening systems.
As every song is different. Please contact me and we will talk through the whole process, prices and etc.
What kind of files should I send?
When we start working together, I'll provide you with clear instructions how to deliver you audio files for the best results.
Do I need mixing?
If you can mix professionally yourself, then you don’t need me to mix it for you. If you cannot, I recommend you let me improve the quality of your music.
What if I don’t like the result?
If you don’t like the result we will work together until you do. Your satisfaction is my first priority.
Do I need mastering?
If you want your song to be ready for a label release, you need your song to be mastered.
Exсited to know about your project

Please let me know about the genre of your song. If you are interested in mixing please tell me how many instrumental stems you have and how many vocal stems you have and feel free to ask anything.

I will reach back asap with prices and clear instructions how to deliver your audio files for the best results.
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